business owners (Subscriptions)

WHat can i "control" with my own custom tv network?

Our proprietary system allows you to control everything from the subject matter of the videos, how often you want each content type to appear, and even lets you share your most recent social media posts from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all on your TV.

how much does it cost?
Monthly plans start at just $149 a month, and yearly plans are available at a discount. With the television portion of the typical business cable bill costing between $150-$215, we offer rates below what you are likely already spending, while giving you much more for your money.
Where does the programming come from?

We work with, and pay, top television producers from across the country to provide you with the best programming.

Do i need to have the sound on my tv?

NO! We don't need to have the sound on the TV for our programming. All of our videos are subtitled so that the network can run silently - allowing you to play music in your location.

What are the videos about?

The videos are short (2-4 minute) segments covering topics of interest to your visitors, including entertainment, national news, education, health and fitness, sports, food, kids programming and more. You choose the kinds of content that you want and we deliver it to you automatically. We add new content every day so it’s always fresh.

Can I still show other TV channels on my tv with this installed?

Yes. You can switch back to regular TV any time if you keep your cable/satellite subscription. Our network operates on a separate input. You can easily switch back and forth between It’s Relevant TV and any other programming provider.

Can I cancel my Cable/Satellite subscription?
Yes, Absolutely! We have found that switching from cable to our networks provides your business with an instant savings. You can cancel your television program provider, BUT: You must retain a high-speed internet provider for us to be able to deliver the video programming.
what is this competitive ad blockĀ® thing?
Competitive Ad BlockĀ® is an exclusive service It's Relevant offers to VIP subscribers. It blocks ads placed by any competing businesses (industry-wide) from appearing on your TV.
How fast does my internet have to be?

We can work with any of the existing high-speed internet services in your area. Our networks take up less bandwidth than YouTube. So if you can watch a YouTube video without issue, your internet is more than fast enough for It's Relevant TV. If you like tech-speak, our service uses 500k-1.5mb/sec and works best if you have at least 5MB/sec download speeds.

How long has It's Relevant Been Around?

We've been in Connecticut for five years. We are well known locally for our daily video news programs - having produced about 10,000 of them in the past 4 years. Our company expanded in 2015 to serve the rest of the U.S. We now have licensing deals with top television producers from across the country.

What types of businesses use It's Relevant TV?
Any business with a television can take advantage of our services. Because of this, we serve many industries. Some of the most common ones include: car dealerships, apartment buildings, hotels, medical offices, restaurants, entertainment spaces, corporate offices, libraries and salons.

Content Providers

how can i distribute my content through your network?
Get in touch with us by submitting information about your content on our Distribution Page. A member of our team will follow up with you within a few days. We receive hundreds of submissions each month, so please be patient, we will get back to you!
how do I get paid for my content?
Unlike television of the past, we can monitor and measure each time and location your content is shown. Unlike online distribution we offer true pay-per-play earnings, not a revenue share (variable) arrangement. Our rates are typically much higher than what you get online and we are quick to pay our partners. Payments are made once a month for all playbacks done in the previous month.
where will my content be seen?
Once accepted into the network, your content will be made available to all of our subscribers to display in businesses and prime public locations.



HOW MUCH DOES IT COST to advertise?
We offer some of the most cost-effective television advertising on the planet. You can run a standard television commercial in great locations for just 50 cents a play! Visit our advertising site for more information and to get started.
What commercial lengths do you accept?
We accept commercials up to 30 seconds in length. The most common purchased spots run 15 seconds.
can i place ads in specific geographic locations?
YES! You can limit your ad buys to geographic zones within geographic radiuses of zip codes you provide.
can i place ads in specific categories of businesses?
YES! You can target multiple specific categories of businesses to run your ads in to make sure you are reaching your desired audience.
what kind of reporting do you provide?
We provide live reporting tools to each of our advertising clients so that you can see each and every ad playback location, down to the second, and specific monitor in the business it was run on.
how can i get started?
Get in touch with our advertising team by calling (203) 588-1689 or by visiting our Advertising Page today.