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It's Relevant TV helps you

Make visitors Feel Safer

Bad news is bad for business

  • Having a cable TV channel on in your business may be creating fear among your visitors without you even knowing it.

    There are plenty of reasons for people to be cautious these days, but news about COVID-19 often sends the message "stay at home" more than anything else. You don't want to make your visitors, who have decided to visit you despite this, feel uncomfortable in your space.

    And it's not just the news stations, even The Price is Right gets regularly interrupted for coronavrius updates. You need something you can reliably control to have the right balance for your business.

As a business owner you control the look and feel of your brand and locations. This extends to your TV. Take control of it, and make sure it reflects you and your business.


Great TV

It starts will bringing your business great TV. Entertaining, informative, uplifting, interesting television. We are uniquely able to remove Covid-19 news while keeping what you love on the TV.


Your Messaging

It's your TV, so you should take advantage of it. Mix in your own videos, images, and text on the screen to inform your vistors about what safety measures you have taken, and promote things that will help your business grow.


Strategy & Support

Working with It's Relevant TV isn't just about having access to great content, but a thought partner as well. Our TV experts will help you strategize and accomplish your business goals.

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