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Stamford, CT | Added on September 15, 2011 At 09:50 AM

A mother of three, with two daughters in high school, and a son who has started his first year in college, Holly Hurd also finds the time to be an entrepreneur as the owner and creator of

Since the site launched a year and a half ago, it has been providing guidance for moms all across the country and the world on how to start their own businesses with tips and advice from Hurd, and a little help from the Internet. “I’d meet these women,” said Hurd, “and hear these amazing stories of ideas they had and think, ‘you can make a business out of this.’”

Hurd said she thought of the idea when she began thinking about the current economy. It dawned on her that moms may feel like they can’t leave their children or find a job, and Hurd was determined to help them bring their goals to life. 

“My mission is that anyone can look at my site and figure out your life now, what you enjoy doing, and creating a business around what you like to do,” said Hurd. 

Andrea Bonfils, from Darien, is an artist and stay-at-home mother of two daughters. Bonfils said art is what she “loves, breathes and thinks about twenty-four-seven” besides her family, and she is glad to be a part of VentureMom. 

“I’ll cruise on the site to see what they’re up to,” said Bonfils. “It’s an amazing pool of women.”  Hurd said she does not only reach out to stay-at-home mothers—VentureMom is also out there for the working mother, whether part-time or full-time. “Maybe it’s for extra money for their family,” said Hurd, “or maybe it’s not for the money, but for your own fulfillment; to feel an incredible joy in what you do.”

There are a total of 70 VentureMoms from Connecticut, across the country, and the world. Every week, Hurd writes a newsletter that features a new mom with a new idea. VentureMom is also about moms helping other moms, and the “transferability” of information. 

Janet King is known as the “eBay mom” and has two sons. She has run her eBay business “Fasta Fa Zool” for seven years, and since joining VentureMom, she has gained more customers. “What Holly is the master of, is networking,” said King. “She’s had so much success because she brings together a group of women who are passionate about what they’re doing. It’s inspiring.”

Hurd said she assists moms with the social networking and technology side of a business and said moms don’t need money or a business plan.

“My goal is to have moms in every state involved in the website and the community,” said Hurd. Hurd is also working on a 12-week course she plans to launch on the site this fall titled, “From mom to VentureMom in 12 weeks.” Hurd also wants to publish a book, which will highlight the paths of VentureMoms. “Putting yourself out there makes life fun and exciting,” said Hurd. “I didn’t want to be 75, look back, and feel like I never tried. I’m showing what other women are doing, and hopefully it’s inspiring to them.”

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